I am happy to recommend Sky High Builders. The work on my home is Well done. The next time I ned anything done to my hoe they are my first call. I trusted them with keys to my home.

Jack McFerson


We found Sky High Builders to be lesss about pomp and charging us money and more about getting it our work done right and our time. They earned our respect, gratitude and future business.

Bill Johnson


My wife and I went out of the country for a few weeks so I don't know what went on behind the scenes but the end result is breathe taking we love our new home. It is amazing how a little work in the kitchen and a little work in the bathroom and a paint job done by the Sky High Builders crew turned our old house into a new home. 

Cathy and Samuel Billingsley


Our family has been wishing and dreaming and talking about fixing up our home for many years.  We spoke with one of our sons' friends who suggested we call Sky High Builders and have them come out and talk to us. Just to see what it would take and cost. He said they did a great job on his parents house. Well we finally did it and it was easy. Our home looks great. We get complements everyday. All our neighbors are happy so it is a pleasure to recommend Sky High Builders Thank you guys.

Roger Fisher and Family


Believe in your dreams. We are ready and waiting to make them come true. Oz (President and Founder of Sky High Builders)

The work was beautiful, I worried for nothing These guys are way above average, They were worth every penny.

George Martin


They helped me decide what I wanted and then they installed and fixed everything.So that it looked better than what I expected. Thank you Sky High Builder. Oh and thank you for not leaving a big mess outside like the other guys my husband hired.

Jennifer Smith


I am very pleased with these builders, everything they did is perfect.

Mark Russ


If you need anything done to your home I have three words of advice for you "Call these guys" They are great!

Allen Rivera


Not even if I had done the work myself would it have been done with as much love and care this is a company made up of good guys that know what they are doing thanks

Aramvir S. Rahal


The sense of accomplishment that we got when we walked into our remodeled kitchen made us hug and laugh and kiss oh yea Thanks Sky High Builders for doing all the work.

Tom & Donna Murray

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